25 July 2007

Viveza gets press

Carrie Scott wrote this fair summation of the Viveza mission statement for the Seattle Weekly. In way, I think its the worst possible press anybody could ever get, though its not exactly a "bad review." She didn't misquote, or misrelate. We got two giant photos and basically the entire arts section for the week, but man...its really terrible press.

12 July 2007

My drive home: Quagmired in hate

This tale begins like any great tale. On the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. Only 18 short miles from Renton, which is only 22 short miles from Ballard, which is the route I must take.
It takes me 2.5 hours.

10 July 2007

Homemade Conrete Mushroom: STOLEN!

Our beacon of joy and whimsy, a collaboratively constructed concrete mushroom, was stolen from our front yard. If you see it in someone else's yard, please take a crap on their lawn.


Having now spoken with most of our neighbors, they all loved the mushroom and seem distraught at its disappearance. All except our elusive next door neighbor, who is fixing his house up for sale. SUSPICIOUS!

04 July 2007

God Bless us all

This is a picture of the final explosion at the end of the finale in the fireworks show over Lake Union. The fading smoke and final explosion in WAMU's gaudy, musically synced fireworks show, struck me as the most American Moment of the evening. Especially as translated through my piece of shit cell phone camera.
God Bless!