30 June 2007

Space Junk Spotting is Awesome

Space Junk Spotting is an awesome project.

The project shown here is composed of mechanical and programming equipment linked to a database at a U.S. government-owned space observatory; this database contains the fullest possible data on the extent of the pollution and presents remarkable scientific methods for determining the position of space junk.
You download a 3D map of the large ring of crap that we have given Earth right into your GoogleEarth locations. Do it.(link)

28 June 2007

2 new works

2 new works, hot off the stove.

<----On the left, a violent yet (I think) somehow playful depiction of insemination.

AcrosomeReaction, 2007
Inked sugar on wood panel

---->On the right. Don't smoke, kids. Just eat lots and lots of candy.
Phoenix, 2007
Inked sugar and calcium tablets on wood panel

Seattle Power Tool Drag Races

My entry this year, a 4-wheel drive plastic truck driven by a high speed hand drill, failed early and weakly. I slipped a gear and melted the plastic differential. Video to follow...

Neptune: Unleashed

Our puppy Neptune is now 16 weeks old. Old enough, and substantially vaccinated, to venture into the world. Here he is, eating moss.

17 June 2007

New blog, new site design

This is new, hopefully it will tickle your senses. More to come.